Repair Cavities With Metal-Free Tooth Fillings in The Woodlands

If you have cavities, the usual fix is tooth fillings in The Woodlands. While it’s one of our most common dental restorations, we take uncommon care to ensure your filling looks and feels great. Our dental fillings are made of tooth-colored composite instead of metal.

This means they:

  • Blend readily into your smile instead of standing out like metal fillings
  • Are less likely than metal fillings to develop small cracks over time, which can create an entry point for decay
  • Contain no mercury or other elements that have been linked to long-term health concerns
  • Require less alteration of healthy tooth structure than metal fillings

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The Right Dental Restoration Will Reverse Visible Damage

We use dental fillings to repair many cavities. However, based on the size of the cavity and severity of the decay, you may need one of our other dental restorations:

  • Dental Crown – Since it completely covers your tooth, a dental crown can repair even the largest cavities. We use porcelain over zirconia for a crown that looks beautiful while withstanding heavy chewing force.
  • Inlay – An inlay is larger than a filling but smaller than a crown. It covers the top surface of your tooth.
  • Onlay – Similar to an inlay, an onlay also covers one or more of the cusps on your tooth and can extend onto the sides.

With all our dental restorations, we choose a shade that closely matches the rest of your smile. None of our restorations are metal. Though the FDA has approved the use of mercury in restorations for most ages, we think it’s best to avoid it whenever possible.

Dental Sedation Will Take the Edge Off

We’ll thoroughly numb your mouth with local anesthesia before your procedure. Our patients often compliment us on our gentle touch with anesthesia! If you’re still anxious or worried about discomfort, you can also receive one of three kinds of dental sedation:

  • Laughing gas
  • An oral sedative
  • IV sedation

We’ll typically advise using only light sedation for this treatment, though you may want a deeper level of relaxation if you’re getting multiple fillings.

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