Our Team Will See You Quickly for Dental Emergencies in The Woodlands

Dental emergencies in The Woodlands can ruin your day and threaten your smile. Let the team at Smiles by Dr. Chai save your day, and your teeth, with fast assistance in an emergency. If you’re in pain and a patient of record, we’ll do our best to treat you the same day – even outside our regular business hours. We work hard to see new patients the same day during our office hours.

In addition to same-day appointments, our emergency dentistry includes:

  • Restorative dental care to handle just about any emergency situation
  • Advanced technology like digital X-rays and intraoral cameras that helps us quickly diagnose your problem
  • A team experienced at handling emergencies
  • Comforts like blankets and pillows to relax you in our chair
  • Safe dental sedation to take some of the stress out of your emergency
  • A pain-free method of administering local anesthesia

If you need emergency assistance, call us ASAP at 281-367-5900.

Relieve Your Oral Pain With Restorative Dentistry

We have restorative dentistry procedures to relieve your pain and solve your problem, whether you broke a tooth or are suffering from a toothache. Your urgent dental care may involve:

  • Tooth Fillings – A filling will repair a cavity and prevent decay from causing further damage. We use tooth-colored composite instead of metal for our fillings so they look completely natural.
  • Dental Crown – A crown can repair a broken or cracked tooth, as well as cavities that are too large for fillings. We also often use a crown to seal a tooth following a root canal procedure. Thanks to our glidewell.io technology, we can make a crown for you right in our office, so there is no waiting for an outside lab to produce your restoration.
  • Inlays and Onlays – These dental restorations are great for certain repairs because they cover more of your tooth than a filling but less than a dental crown.
  • Root Canals – Our team can perform your root canal to save your tooth from infection. We can also repair failed root canals with a retreatment procedure.

Don’t let dental emergencies in The Woodlands turn into a disaster! Call Smiles by Dr. Chai at 281-367-5900. If you have a non-emergency need, you can also request an appointment online.

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