Remove Problem Teeth With Oral Surgery in The Woodlands

If you need oral surgery in The Woodlands, you can relax knowing you’re in capable hands with the Smiles by Dr. Chai team. Dr. Chaitra Arakere has performed countless oral surgery procedures in over two decades as a dentist. Dr. Thornton has devoted much of his career to dental surgery and urgent dental care. We sometimes refer complex cases to Dr. Repa, a talented oral surgeon in the area.

In addition to our experienced dentists, you’ll find:

  • Advanced technology like panoramic X-rays for planning and performing your oral surgery procedures
  • Topical numbing gel for sting-free local anesthesia
  • Three kinds of dental sedation to keep you relaxed throughout any treatment
  • Same-day care for dental emergencies
  • Comforts like pillows and blankets in a private care room

To find out more about our oral surgery services, call 281-367-5900. Our office is located in the 77381 ZIP code, and we’re also convenient to 77373, 77388, and 77375, among others.

Don’t Worry About Pain During Your Dental Surgery

Our dentists are comfortable performing all but the most complicated tooth extractions. You’ll save time, hassle, and money by having your teeth removed in our office instead of visiting an outside oral surgeon. Once your extraction has been taken care of, we’ll be happy to talk to you about your options for replacement teeth, including dental implants.

We’re committed to keeping your procedure as pain-free as possible. To that end, we use a topical numbing gel before administering local anesthesia so you won’t feel anything. Unlike most general dentists, we also offer three kinds of dental sedation, all of which provide varying levels of relaxation. We want to ensure you’re free of anxiety, no matter which treatment you’re receiving. Your options are:

  • Inhaled sedation, also known as laughing gas
  • Oral sedation, in the form of a prescription pill
  • IV sedation, for our deepest level of relaxation

If you think you might need oral surgery in The Woodlands, call 281-367-5900. You can also request an appointment online.

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