Get Your Smile in Shape With Dental Crowns & Bridges in The Woodlands

Dental crowns and bridges in The Woodlands are among the most versatile dental restorations. They can repair a wide range of damage, including missing teeth. They are even more versatile at Smiles by Dr. Chai because our system allows us to produce a same-day crown for you right in our office.

A dental crown can:

  • Repair a broken or cracked tooth
  • Protect a tooth from infection and other damage
  • Cover staining and other cosmetic imperfections
  • Fix cavities that are too large for fillings
  • Replace a missing tooth, when used with a dental implant or a dental bridge

If you’ve suffered damage you think could be repaired with a crown or a bridge, call 281-367-5900.

Receive Your Dental Crown Right Away

Most dental practices outsource production of their dental crowns to an outside lab. The result is several days – or even longer – of waiting. You’ll need to wear a temporary restoration while you wait. With our system, we can design and create your crown for you in a single appointment. The In-Office Solution combines digital imaging, advanced design capabilities, and in-office milling into one incredible system that benefits patients who need dental restorations.

To make the process even more comfortable and convenient, we use digital scanning technology to make impressions of your teeth. No more messy goop in your mouth! For the perfect combination of beauty and durability, our crowns are made of porcelain fused to zirconia. They’ll look great for many years with proper care.

Replace Teeth With a Traditional or Implant-Supported Bridge

To create a dental bridge, we attach lifelike replacement teeth to two dental crowns on either side of the gap in your smile. The crowns can be attached to your own teeth or to dental implants. Using implants eliminates the need to modify healthy teeth. Either way, the bridge stays fixed in place; you won’t need to remove it for cleaning.

For dental crowns and bridges in The Woodlands, call Smiles by Dr. Chai at 281-367-5900.