Find Answers For Your Dental FAQ in The Woodlands

At Smiles by Dr. Chai, we know you’ll have questions about your family’s dental care. We’re happy to answer them! Call us at 281-367-5900, or visit our office at 10700 Kuykendahl Road. In the meantime, check our list of frequently asked questions in The Woodlands to see if we’ve addressed yours below.

At what age does my child need to see the dentist?

Visiting the dentist can be frightening for many kids. That’s one reason we recommend waiting until your child is ready for school before bringing them in to visit our office. We’ll make sure their first visit is a lot of fun so that they’ll feel more comfortable at future appointments. If you have a concern about your child’s smile, give us a call so that we can make sure your little one is on track toward a healthy mouth.

Do you accept my insurance?

We are in network with several popular insurance plans, including Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, Cigna, Aetna, Guardian, UnitedHealthcare, United Concordia, and Careington. We’re happy to file your claim with your provider even if we’re not in network. We know some patients may not have insurance or may need help paying out-of-pocket costs, so we also accept other kinds of payment, including credit cards and third-party financing.

How can I get a beautiful smile?

We offer many cosmetic dentistry services to give you a beautiful smile. Your choices include:

  • Invisalign orthodontics to straighten teeth with no metal wires or brackets
  • Comfortable gum reshaping with a laser
  • Affordable tooth bonding to hide smile flaws
  • Professional teeth whitening to brighten your smile
  • Dental veneers to change the size, shape, and/or color of your teeth

How often should I see you for dental exams?

We recommend visiting us for dental exams every six months. Your dentist will check your mouth for signs of trouble like cavities, gum disease, and even oral cancer. We’ll also give your teeth a thorough cleaning to help keep them cavity-free and teach you about oral hygiene best practices. We may recommend preventive treatments like dental sealants or fluoride.

What are my options for replacing teeth?

We know that losing teeth can be devastating, as it affects your smile’s appearance and function. So we offer many tooth replacement options. For one lost tooth, you can get a single dental implant with a dental crown, or you can choose a dental bridge. A bridge can also be used to replace several teeth in a row. We can attach a bridge to either your own teeth or to dental implants. You can replace most or all of your teeth with dentures. You can select either conventional dentures or dental implant dentures. Our dentists will help you identify the option that is best for your smile!

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