Stop Your Dental Pain With Root Canals in The Woodlands

If you have a throbbing toothache, it may be because the inside of your tooth is infected and needs root canal treatment. Don’t suffer in pain any longer! Smiles by Dr. Chai offers same-day emergency appointments whenever possible to get you out of pain quickly. Our root canals in The Woodlands will:

  • Stop the pain caused by your infected tooth
  • Save your tooth from extraction
  • Prepare your tooth for a new crown, made right in our office
  • Allow you to eat comfortably again
  • Help you relax and focus on something besides your tooth

Call our office now at 281-367-5900 to schedule an appointment. We want to help you feel better soon!

Enjoy a Smooth Root Canal Procedure Using Advanced Technology

Rather than something to be feared, our root canal treatment is a beneficial service that will actually eliminate your pain, not cause you more discomfort. We can handle almost all root canal cases in-house. Your dentist will clean out the infected inner portion of your tooth and seal it with a rubberlike material to prevent further problems.

Your tooth will then be ready for a new crown crafted in our office using the advanced technology of the In-Office Solution. Other leading-edge technology we will use for your root canal may include:

  • An Intraoral Camera – This equipment allows you to see the inside of your mouth on a screen so you know exactly what’s going on with your tooth.
  • Digital X-rays – These X-rays are faster and more precise than standard X-rays. They also expose you to less radiation.

Relax While We Take Care of Your Root Canal

Our team is dedicated to your comfort, whether you’re having root canal treatment or a routine dental cleaning and exam. You’ll enjoy amenities like:

  • Private operatories for your discretion
  • Soft pillows to support your head and neck
  • Warm blankets to eliminate any chill
  • TVs and headphones to distract you while we work

If you’re especially anxious about your root canal procedure, you can also take advantage of our sedation options:

  • Inhaled sedation using laughing gas
  • Oral conscious sedation in pill form
  • IV sedation that will put you in a sleeplike state

Our team will make sure you receive the most stress-free treatment possible. For comfortable root canals in The Woodlands, call Smiles by Dr. Chai today at 281-367-5900.