Regain Your Smile & Confidence With Dental Implants in The Woodlands

When you lose teeth, you also lose the confidence that comes with having a full smile. Whether you’ve lost a single tooth or all of them, we can help you can regain your smile – and your confidence – with dental implants in The Woodlands.

Compared to other teeth replacements, implants give you:

  • More Security – When your replacement teeth are attached to implants, they aren’t going anywhere. No more worries about slipping dentures!
  • More Dietary Options – Implants give you bite strength similar to what you had before losing teeth. You can enjoy all your favorite foods, from apples to steak.
  • More Comfort – With implants, your replacement teeth won’t slip or rub against your gums.
  • More Versatility – You can replace one tooth, several teeth, or even all your teeth with implants.
  • More Convenience – Depending on the type of restoration you choose for your implants, you’ll just brush and floss your teeth as you’ve always done.
  • More Fullness in Your Face – While you’ll experience bone shrinkage in your jaw following the loss of teeth, that won’t happen with implants. They stimulate your jaw and keep it strong, so your face stays fuller and looks younger.

To find out more about implant dentistry, call us today at 281-367-5900.

Your Dental Implant Procedure Is Performed by Experts For Exceptional Results

We work closely with a trusted oral surgeon partner to place your implants. One of our dentists will then attach the appropriate restoration to your implants. Dr. Chaitra Arakere has received advanced training in dental implants, and Dr. Thornton has received implant certification by the Zimmer Biomet Institute.

Depending on your needs, you can get:

  • A Dental Implant With a Crown – Replace one tooth with an implant and dental crown combination.
  • Dental Implants With a Bridge – To replace multiple missing teeth, we can attach a dental bridge to implants.
  • Mini Dental Implants – If your jaw isn’t strong enough to support full-size implants, you may be a candidate for mini dental implants.
  • Dental Implant Dentures – You have the option of several kinds of dental implant dentures.
  • All-on-4® – In this procedure, a complete arch of replacement teeth is attached to four dental implants. The entire process can sometimes be completed in just one day.

To see if dental implants in The Woodlands are right for you, call 281-367-5900. You can also request an appointment online.

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