Stay Happy & Healthy

At Smiles By Dr. Chai, we have witnessed the way quality dental care can change someone’s life. When you are happy with your smile, when you can eat the foods you love, you feel better and more confident. With decades of experience, our team has seen and treated just about any oral heal issue you may have, and we’re ready to help you.

To improve your care, we have embraced advanced in technology to bring digital dentistry to our patients. With cutting-edge equipment and techniques, we can streamline your treatment, so you can improve your oral health in less time. Our tools also help us identify problems sooner when they are easier to fix.

For patients with dental anxiety, getting in a dentist chair can be the most difficult part. By offering three levels of sedation, we can calm your concern by keeping you pain-free. By offering inhaled sedation (laughing gas), oral sedation, and IV sedation, we can find the right option to make your dental visits easier to handle.

It’s also easier to maintain your smile when you can visit a general dentist office that you can trust for all your oral health needs. At our practice, you will find that you can benefit from our preventive, restorative, and cosmetic services.

Routine dental cleanings and exams do wonders for your teeth and gums. By stopping decay and catching periodontal problems early, you can spare yourself from more extensive procedures.

If you do want to create a more attractive smile, our cosmetic services can do the trick. You can whiten your teeth, hide gaps and crooked teeth, or get your teeth in line. If you need to repair or replace teeth, be sure to ask about our restorative dentistry. From tooth-colored fillings to implant-supported dentures and everything in between, we can rebuild your damaged and missing teeth.

If you haven’t visited the dentist in a while or you are looking for a new dentist in Egypt, TX, get to know our team at Smiles By Dr. Chai. Call 281-367-5900 to learn more or to make an appointment.