No matter what kind of damage has been done to your tooth, there’s a good chance a dental crown may be able to fix it. Since a crown covers your entire tooth, it can repair a multitude of problems like cracks and breaks. A crown can also remedy cosmetic issues such as a discolored tooth or a misshapen tooth.

When one dental crown is attached to a single dental implant, it fills the gap left by one missing tooth. Crowns are also used to support a dental bridge if you need to replace multiple missing teeth.

At our office in The Woodlands, TX, we use a system that allows us to create a dental crown for you in a single office visit. Contrast that to dental practices that outsource the manufacture of your crown to an outside lab. You’ll spend several days – or maybe longer – waiting for your crown.

Watch this video from the American Dental Association to find out more about crowns. Then call Smiles by Dr. Chai at 281-367-5900 if you think your smile could benefit from a dental crown.