You may be missing teeth, but you don’t have to live without them for the rest of your life. You can replace them, and when you do, you should get dental implants.

Here are three reasons you should talk to one of our doctors in The Woodlands, TX about your new teeth.

1. Added Stability

You have seen people with traditional dentures. You are aware they can slide around, which can make speaking and eating more difficult. With implants, your replacement teeth are anchored to your jaw, which prevents them from moving around.

2. Added Strength

By creating a direct connection to your jawbone, you also generate more power when you bite and chew. People with implants can feel confident that they can eat whatever they choose to put on their plates.

3. Added Longevity

Modern implants can last for decades. Most people will have their implants for the rest of their lives. These are one of the most worthwhile investments in your oral health.

Upgrade your replacement teeth with dental implants. Contact us online or call 281-367-5900 to request your appointment at Smiles By Dr. Chai in The Woodlands, TX.