Losing teeth is not a good thing in most cases. If there is good news, it’s that modern restorative dentistry has come a long way since people were using stones and seashells to replace missing teeth. At our office in The Woodlands, TX, we have seen how life-changing dental implants can be for our patients. Here are three reasons we recommend them:

1. Implants let you eat what you want

Many people with dentures have learned the hard way that dentures don’t restore your biting power. By getting implants to secure and support your replacement teeth, you can bite and chew practically as well as someone with a full set of healthy teeth.

2. Implants protect your jaw

When you lose even a single tooth, you can begin losing bone mass in your jaw. That loss of bone density can make you more likely to lose additional teeth. By replacing your lost tooth or teeth with an implant-supported crown or bridge, you can rebuild your smile and protect your jaw health, too.

3. Implants keep your new teeth secure

We’ve heard many patients complain about loose and slippery dentures. By getting implants, you don’t need to fuss with adhesives, and you can feel confident that your replacement teeth will stay where you want them to be.

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