By the age of 6, roughly 1 in 4 children in the United States will have had at least one cavity. By age 11, more than half of kids have experienced tooth decay, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Cavities are not a new issue. They are preventable. They are treatable. But they can also lead to more serious problems if they are ignored.

You want your kids to keep their happy, healthy smiles for many years. That includes developing good oral health habits, such as make regular visits with your family dentist. At Smiles by Dr. Chai, you can find the services your family needs to protect their teeth for many years to come.

If you haven’t already made an appointment with us, call 281-367-5900 today to plan a visit to our practice in The Woodlands, TX. After all, February is National Children’s Dental Health Month.

Deal with Cavities Now, Not Later

Cavities, while common, can be the beginning of trouble or the end of it depending on the steps you take.

The best way to deal with tooth decay is preventive care. This starts at home with brushing teeth twice daily and flossing once per day. As anyone with kids knows, their idea of doing something isn’t always the same as their parents’ understanding of that task.

Knowing this, you also should bring your children to our office a few times each year for dental checkups. During these visits, we can perform a professional cleaning and a thorough examination. We remove plaque and tartar from their teeth. Plus, we will be watching for any signs of decay or other problems.

This also gives us an opportunity to treat problems quickly. If your children, do have a cavity, we would much rather deal with it before it starts causing discomfort.

If tooth decay persists, it will get through the enamel on the outside of a tooth, through the softer layer of dentin, and into the pulp chamber. This is where soft tissue, nerves, and blood vessels reside inside each tooth. When harmful bacteria reach the chamber, they can cause inflammation and infection. This can be painful and put the tooth at risk.

It’s possible to repair the tooth with a root canal treatment. However, it’s better to avoid the infection in the first place. Plus, the longer the decay persists, the more likely it is to spread to other teeth.

Set the Stage for Smile Success

At our office, you will find a team who is here to support your efforts to keep your loved ones healthy. In addition to routine cleanings and exams, we also make your family’s comfort a priority.

For patients with anxiety about dental care, we offer sedation to prevent pain and help maintain a sense of calm. Laughing gas (inhaled sedation), in particular, is safe and effective for children.

In addition to routine cleanings and exams, your family can receive protection against harmful bacteria with dental sealants and strengthen your teeth with fluoride treatments. Both reduce the risk of cavities for your kids.

Take Aim at Cavities

Our family dentistry is designed to help smiles of all ages, starting with the youngest members of your family. Contact us online or call 281-367-5900 to request your appointment at Smiles by Dr. Chai in The Woodlands, TX.