Many people dream of having beautiful smiles. One of the most common ways to do that is with orthodontic care. In modern dentistry, you also have options for how you want to straighten your teeth, including Invisalign clear aligners. Why might you want to try Invisalign? We’re glad you asked.

They are effective

First and foremost, Invisalign works. Dentists, like our own Dr. Chai, have used this system to help millions of people transform their smiles. Close gaps, get your teeth in line, and fix bite problems.

They are discreet

Many patients (particularly adults) don’t want to wear braces in professional and personal situations. The aligners are clear, which makes them much less noticeable to others.

They are comfortable

Brackets and wires can irritate the soft tissues of your mouth. Your custom-made aligners are made from smooth plastic, so they feel more comfortable when placed over your teeth.

They are convenient

Braces are worn all day, every day of your treatment. Invisalign aligners can be removed during meals, so you can continue eating what you want. You can brush and floss without special tools or techniques. That also means you won’t have to avoid particular foods during your treatment.

If you are thinking about orthodontic care, do yourself a favor. Schedule a consultation at Smiles by Dr. Chai in The Woodlands, TX. Discover if Invisalign is a good option for you. Call 281-367-5900 or contact us online.