Bridges help us get somewhere we want to go. Physical bridges allow us to drive vehicles over rivers and ravines. Emotional bridges help us overcome bad times to keep moving forward.

Dental bridges help us rebuild our smiles, which can have a mental benefit as well. Bridges have been an integral part of restorative dentistry for centuries, and modern bridges do an excellent job of restoring the form and the function of missing teeth.

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Go Traditional

Traditional bridges are made by fusing dental crowns together. For someone missing a single tooth, this can be an effective solution to filling the gap in your smile.

Getting this kind of bridge is similar to getting a crown. With a crown, we will reshape your tooth to form an abutment. This provides support for the crown and a place to bond it to the tooth.

To build this kind of bridge, we have to reshape two teeth on either side of the empty space in your smile. These abutments support the outer crowns of your bridge, which in turn support the crown in the middle of the bridge. That closes the gap so your smile looks complete again.

Historically, people have used all kinds of things to replace missing teeth, including stones and seashells. Modern ceramics now let you have dental restorations that allow you to bite and chew while also looking natural at the same time.

It’s also worth mentioning that a traditional bridge is not the only way to replace a lost tooth in modern dentistry. You can get an implant-supported crown as well.

Get Implants

Modern root-form dental implants have been around since the 1960s, and it’s fair to say they have been a game-changer when it comes to teeth replacement. Implants were designed to act as artificial roots for artificial teeth.

This is important because these make your bridge (or crown or dentures) more stable and secure. They also prevent the bone loss that often accompanies tooth loss. Replacing the visible part of missing teeth is not enough. In fact, losing just one tooth can lead to noticeable bone loss in that part of your jaw within a year.

If you are missing multiple teeth, an implant-supported bridge can fill the gap in your smile and provide a replacement for the missing roots below the gumline. With implants in place, your bridge will feel like your natural teeth. Plus implants can last the rest of your life, so if your bridge does wear down, you can just replace it. With a traditional bridge, you may have to reshape more teeth and get an even bigger bridge to replace what you’ve lost.

Get Back To You Happy Place

When you are missing teeth, you appreciate them more. Your teeth affect how (and what) you can eat, how you speak, and how willing you are to let other people see your smile. At Smiles by Dr. Chai, you can rebuild your smile and more with a dental bridge.

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